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ClickKosh Review

9.5 Total Score
Clickkosh Review

Easy to use also for beginners
Price during launch
Price after launch
Can be used on Wordpress, Facebook and other kind of websites
  • Extremely valuable application. Super easy to use that creates EYECATCHING images where your visitor cannot resist clicking on.
  • High price after launch week.
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ClickKosh Review
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What is ClickKosh?
ClickKosh is a mobile friendly app that creats “shoppable” images for wordpress site or any other place where you are allowed to insert code.

You will change boring, static images into click magnets. Insert hotspots wherever you like on you image by adding “pulsating buttons”. Guide your visitors to the salespage, make them contact or call you with a click of a button.

ClickKosh is unique and easy to use. There is no instalation. just login and create your chappable images in just one minute or two.

Here are some of the benefits of ClickKosh.

- Visually entice visitors to take action
- Compelling and easy to implement hotspot in any image on your favorite platform
- Remove the extra step and sell right through the image
- There is Nothing to install or host, All done in the cloud
- No Restrictions, Create unlimited campaigns without any technical experience
- No Previous Experience needed

What others say about ClickKosh:

ClickKosh is a New Dimension in Visual World. After testing ClickKosh on our Funnels, we were able to enhance the Conversions with our existing traffic. ClickKosh is the next level of Visual Marketing and adds another way of adding more revenue to our company. – Vipul

Revolutionary Idea with amazing Results. ClickKosh is a revolutionary idea, from the moment i saw it, it had me glued to the concept. I have been testing the Product from the Day 0 and i can say that it’s ease of Use is pleasantly astonishing. - Jai Sharma

The Numbers spoke for themselves. After my severe testing with Heatmaps and Screen recording i found that ClickKosh Campaigns engaged the users at 5X levels. I am already on my way to change my Website Banners with ClickKosh and look forward for amazing results. - Gaurav Madaan

A Proven Business Builder on Steroids. ClickKosh has been great so far. I have used this on my several review blogs and ecomm store. The best part about ClickKosh is making more profit by promoting several products simultaneously. Kudos to you guys. Keep the good work up. - Ankit Mehta

- Content with relevant images get 94% more views and engagement than content without
- Visual Content is the most accepted form of content online & offline
- 53% of all internet users have re-posted a photo or video they have found online.
- 99% of all business owners & marketers use images to sell

To be honest, your visitors have seen hundreds of pages like yours. They see some text and images... they have to go through all of the content and not everyone has that much time Their subconscious already starts ignoring the traditional methods of marketing.

The lack of engagement means that less people will see your product or offer. That results in higher bounce rate and fewer sales.Your site/store has a lot to do in order to capture visitor’s attention and To be precise… they aren’t engaged, nothing compells them to take action…. So they don’t buy anything.

People already know the importance of visual content. But what are they doing wrong?

You have won half of the battle already by stopping them from scrolling.

But what’s the point of that if visitors are not converting?
They are losing a lot of money on the table. But the solution is simple Hammering Right Message at the Right Time to Right People.

If you visitors can take action right from the image that kept them engaged without taking any extra step.

Some more benefits:

5X more leads and sales
It’s hard to get action on regular campaign because people have developed an immunity towards those optin boxes and buy buttons.

With hotspot images you can show the details in a storytelling style and take an unfair advantage by getting more sales and leads.

Show your offer without redirecting in 1 click
Don’t lose your traffic by redirecting to other page. With hotspot images you can simply show your offer, product details in a very interactive & compelling storytelling manner.

New Point of Sale
Every regular Joe is using CTA buttons for blog, site or ecommerce store and for that visitor have to take an extra step.

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