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Cloaking your affiliate links the right way to hide them from search engines. Here’s why your website is maybe not ranking as high as it could.

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Compliant with affiliate networks like amazon, Jvzoo, etc?
Without Software/Plugins?
Protects me from getting my commision stolen?
  • Takes about 10-15 minutes to setup the first time, then about 1-2 minutes to repeat.

Search engines like Google favor websites that sell their own products. And because we know that they hate affiliate sites we have to make our pages look like we sell our own products. As a result no machine nor any human can see that you are promoting affiliate products. Force Google to Rank you Higher – Get more trust – Make more Money…

We all know that google and other search engines do not like affiliate sites. Let me explain:

Imagine there are two identical websites promoting the same amazon or any other affiliate product. Website one just uses the raw amazon affiliate link and the other website is cloaking it. This means making it disappear for search engines and also humans. In googles eyes the page with the cloaked link looks like this page is promoting their own product and not an affiliate product and this is what search engines love.

Before I go into details some words about cloaking. There are many different ways of cloaking depending on what you want to archive. What you want is invisible links that look clean and forward to the product fast like a greased lightning. Nothing else. Oh yes, and easy to implement of course.

Here is an example of a raw and ugly affiliate link:

And this is the cloaked link that you, the customer or any search engine will find on my or your page or inside the source code:

Or make it look like this: Click >>>HERE

Now please tell me, apart of all other benefits, which one looks better and gives more trust to your customer?

Read below the benefit you will get:

  • You will be able to create nice, clean and good looking links. Easy, fast and secure. This means for you more clicks and more clicks lead to more sales. More sales = more money!
  • No affiliate links inside your source code! Search engines will love you for this and rank you higher. This is part of what SEO-Ninjas do.
  • No plugins or the need of updating them! You will also redirect faster than most plugins! Clients and search engines love it fast. Researches show that faster sites can make more sales!
  • No broken redirect plugins! If a plugin fails, it will not tell you about it and you will lose money. This solution will make you sleep better at night.
  • All this is powerful information you need and will make you laugh at those who do it still wrong. Just sit back and smile. You are an affiliate link cloaking super hero now!
  • All set up on your hosting. So the kind of computer you are using doesn’t matter.

But there are free plugins!

Yes there are some plugins that claim to do it but there are some disadvantages. First most of them do not proper cloak e.g. they make the affiliate link disappear but do not add a nofollow to the link which is wrong. And when you want the plugin to do it right, they will make you pay for their premium version. 2nd it’s a plugin and plugins can fail, they need more time to redirect, updates, or may interfere with other plugins. So best is not to use them or only the minimum needed.

But is this kind of cloaking compliant with the affiliate networks?

I do not know any affiliate network who has something against it. Why would they? The all want to sell. And by the time I am writing this I know that even amazon allows it. If we would cloak a traffic source for example (some networks do not allow this), that would be something totally different.

So what’s the solution?

Very easy! There are many tutorials that explain how to do this and let me tell you one thing. It took me a whole day to figure out what they wanted to tell me. To me it looks like they left something out or made it so you cannot understand what they want. And it’s so easy at the end. Are they doing this on purpose? Did the same ever happen to you as well?

So I put together a nice video that explains it step by step and you will get ALL you need. You will set this up by using your FTP client or cPanel file manager. Whatever is best for you. The first time you do it will maybe take you 10 or 15 minutes but after you did it once and you need to add a new affiliate link it will take a minute or two only. Cool?

And now?

Do you remember that it took me a whole day to figure this out? So I do not want to give this away for free. It was too much work! But you can get it all for a very small fee. You will also get on my list, but don’t worry, if you don’t know me by now you will see that I do not send out crap, only tips, news and stuff that will benefit you. So hit that buy button now and start your professional affiliate link cloaking today.

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  1. Tom 2017-07-07 at 9:06 am

    Hey! When will this be available?

    • Daniel 2017-07-11 at 9:52 pm

      Hi Tom! Will be ready within the next few days. THX