How to get your padlock. ssl https

I got this ssl certificate for two reasons:

1. Because of PayPal IPN Notifications and without ssl PP will not allow you to do so.
2. It looks good! LOL!

Now you might say: “But think about the google update, if you don’t use ssl your rankings will drop!”

This may be right but because I don’t count on free traffic it does not matter to me.

But here is the thing:

I had the nice https showing up now in my browser bar, put could not make the padlock show up. Even after asking some pros and many hours searching there was no way to. So I did nothing about it for some months. Then I stumbled over the website

I entered my domain and from getting the result till everything was fixed tock me about 7 minutes! All I had to do was delete an image and upload it again, DONE!

So if you are running into a similar issue maybe check whynopadlock .com.

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