How To Really Speed up WordPress! Amazingly Efectiv – 4 Short Steps Only

WordPress is slow they say! But is this really truth?

Well, if you are using a slow web-host and overload your website with tons of plugins and affiliate banners scripts without the proper cloaking then the answer is yes!

But there is an easy and fast solution! 🙂 Before doing this backup your page!

1. The first step is to install the WP Super Cache Plugin

2. Now install also the EWWW Image Optimizer plugin. This will optimize all you images for all kind of devices, desktop and mobil.

3. Leverage browser caching. Now add the code that you find here below "Leverage browser caching" to your .htaccess file.

4. Then it's important to get rid of all affiliate scripts that look like this:

<a href=""><IMG SRC="" width=250 height=250 border=0></a>

It does not matter where they are, in a post, page, widget, header, footer, you need to get rid of them. They slow down your page extremely. Download the images from your CPA-Network and host them on your own server. Then use my affiliate link cloaking training, for better speed and better rankings, that you can find here.

That’s it. You will see an enormous increase in speed.

If you want to take this further you may check your WP theme, your plugins and maybe how fast is your server. But the above will give you a good start without getting complicated.

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