ISP Instant Spokesperson Review

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ISP Instant Spokesperson

Easy to Modify for Beginners
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ISP Instant Spokesperson Review
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What is ISP Instant Spokesperson?

ISP Instant Spokesperson is a set of pre-made local niche videos for marketers to sell to their offline clients. Instead of spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on video production, this Instant Spokesperson videos are ready to go and proven to convert.

Each Instant Spokesperson video features a professional actor that reads the script for the video. When looking at a preview of the videos you will instantly see that they are all professionals.

Each video features a script that has proven to convert. Save big because there is no need for testing or split testing. This videos and scripts areal ready tested and we know they work.

Each Instant Spokesperson video contains professionally shot b-roll (cutaway) images and video to support the subject.

Each video leaves room for the marketer to brand the videos. So if you are planning and selling these videos everything is prepared and waiting for you. Easily sell the videos themselves plus charge an extra for custom branding.

Each Instant Spokesperson video comes in three versions... One with music, one without music, and the raw green screen version to modify further. What this means for you is that by changing the background or the music you can produce endless and each time different copy’s to sell.

Take a look at all the custom bonuses that come with ISP Instant Spokesperson

Get ISP Instant Spokesperson + Bonuses Here:

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