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Prosper202 free tracking software. The perfect click tracker to start your business. Where to get it now?

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Free Software?
Easy to use?
Step by Step Training Videos?
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Free Software?
Easy to use?
Step by Step Training Videos?
  • Works like a charm!
  • More information below on this page.
  • If you want to do advanced tracking you have to get ready to spend some time learning prosper202. Like with any other solution, free or paid, self-hosted or not. It’s just like it is…
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Prosper202 Download Free Tracking Software.

Prosper202 is (still) one of the best tracking software around and its freeware. So, why can’t you get it anymore from the official site? Well, simple: They offered a top software for free and after some time, when everyone knows about it and wants it... they switch to a paid version. Makes sense?
But here comes your solution...

prosper202 plus video training

You need to track your clicks and you want to fetch your keywords and conversions for PPC or even for free traffic sources! The free version of prosper202 is perfect and has many features that most marketers do not even make use of.

Can I still get Prosper202? And what will I get exactly from you?

Shure. I have prepared a nice special for you…. You will get the free version of prosper202 and on top some easy to follow HD videos that explain how to set it up on you hosting server, setup your traffic sources and affiliate networks and how to set up a direct linking campaign. The setup will take you about 10 min only and it’s very easy. You only need a FTP client or you can do it using your cPanel file manager. If after watching the video and trying yourself you still have trouble setting it up, I can help you.

But there is more. On top you will know how to dramatically improve your prosper202 security! Only tracking legends (like you, maybe?) know about this!

  • You will learn how to secure your login page. With this unfair advantage nobody will ever find or see it! All they get is a nice “ERROR” page. STAY SAVE! This is cool and I don’t know anybody who tells you this. Takes just a few seconds to make the changes. Be a prosper202 Super Ninja!
  • Your landing pages will be secure and so will be your redirects. There is not one developer, at least I know of, that will give you such high security. They just have now idea about this and YOU will!
  • If you know prosper202 than you know this annoying chat guy, right? He comes up all day and everyday distracting you. Turn him off. It’s as easy as turning off your TV. Just a few people like you, know this easy trick.
  • Turn off ads! They are also extremely annoying and unsecure. Also they slow down you admin area of prosper202. This is HIGH LEVEL prosper202 installing. Tricks YOU ONLY will know… and even my mother could do it. If she only had the right information… This will give you the power to dominate prosper202 installs in any way!
  • No need to pay again for a prosper202 installation! NEVER EVER! (Well, that’s obvious, isn’t it?)

You will also learn how to setup prosper202 so it works correct. Many get this wrong and then they are searching for days to find the solution. Most of them give up and hire a developer! This will make you smile and takes just two clicks…

Is it not better to go with a paid (not self-hosted) tracking software?

No. And here is why:

If you are just starting out you maybe want to save some money. All you need for prosper is a domain. I assume you got a hosting account anyway. There is nothing else to pay, no monthly payment.

Another important point is that any employee of any paid online tracking service can spy on what you are doing and the conversions you are getting. I don’t want to say they do, but they can. So if a employee would see that Mr. x (you!) is running a bing campaign to a highly converting offer and getting a lot of sales, could it be possible that he copy’s all your winning keywords and ads and does just the same? We all know that this happens…. sadly.

Will I get support?

If you struggle I can help you with the setup but that’s all there is. If you need “hardcore” support about setting up tracking links with all the "bells and whistles" there are then you better go with the paid version of prosper202. What you get from me is what I have explained above. There are tons of videos on youtube that explain many details of how to track, just take take the time and watch them. I am thinking about doing some more advanced videos but do not have the time right now. Maybe one day...

Do I need a VPS server?

No! If you run a maximum number of about 500.000 clicks/month a good shared hosting will do it. There are ways to setup prosper202 on a VPS for only about $10/month, but that’s a different story (Contact me if you need to know more).  When you start making some money you can still upgrade to a VPS later.

prosper202 plus video trainingP.S.
Here is something very interesting for you to know:

I know a marketer who is running paid traffic for thousands of dollars each and every day and is doing so since many years. He makes 8 figures a year. This guy is a “Freaking-Tracking-King-Master-Ninja”. And what do you think he is using for tracking? One of the first versions that came out of prosper202 (More than one installation of course). If you run that many high converting campaigns you want to keep your traffic sources, landing pages and conversions secret. You cannot do this with any online (not self-hosted) tracking software!

Let's say you are making 2k per month, then the spy guys don’t come after you to reverse engineer your campaigns. But what I want to say with that is something different. This software is still top notch! It works perfect and is very reliable.

If you are not tracking your clicks you are shooting into the dark. You need a tracker and as sooner the better. Buy this special offer today and get your personal “spying free” supertracker. Track clicks, conversions, find your best ads, your best landing pages and stop wasting money!

money back guarantee

You will find all the content inside the members area!

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  1. Reply
    james clark 2017-10-12 at 3:01 pm
    Free Software?
    Easy to use?
    Step by Step Training Videos?

    Hey! I bought this two days ago thanky you. all working good and cloaking working two. And thankyou 4 the special.

    + PROS: good vids:)
    • Reply
      Daniel 2017-10-15 at 3:37 pm

      Glad you’re happy with your purchase!

  2. Reply
    Beth Brown 2017-10-28 at 8:55 pm
    Free Software?
    Easy to use?
    Step by Step Training Videos?

    All working:) Thank you so much.

    + PROS: all I needed for my bing.
    - CONS: none
  3. Reply
    Benton 2017-12-31 at 4:29 pm

    Great deal! Working like gangbusters!!

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