Shelley Penney Backtoons Comic Kit Review and Bonus

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Shelley Penney Backtoons Comic Kit Review and Bonus

Shelley Penney Backtoons Comic Kit is one of the best options to cash your visitors attention.

Price (Much Bang For Your Buck?)
Will my visitors love you for these toons?
Will This Product Make Me More Money?
Will my content get shared more often and get more likes?
Will my bounce rate go down?
  • HUGE appeal!
  • Used in marketing.
  • Used in Games.
  • Helps preselling the prospect.
  • Grabs client’s attention and reduces bounce rate.
  • Use them for videos.
  • Use them for MEMES!
  • High Share Rate!
  • Use them for your Power Point Presentations.
  • I could not find any info about what file format is getting delivered.
  • Update: All files are PNG, excellent!
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Backtoons Comic Kit is going live at May 23rd, 10 AM EST

Review and Bonus

Hey Marketer and website owners!

Comics and cartoons have HUGE appeal, and have been steadily making a comeback. Comic nostalgia has been showing up in marketing, in games, memes and videos.
There is not another collection like this anywhere.

Material is NEW original work by Shelley Penney and not simply harvested like so many graphics packages today. Your visitors will go crazy over this designs.

Shelley Penney Backtoons Comic Kit

MAIN PRODUCT (early bird price starts at only $9.97) INLUDES:
Module #1- 2000+ Comic Style Backgrounds
Module #2- 200+ Comic Style Square Backdrops
Module #3- 117 Comic words
Module #4- 200+ Comic Strip Elements
Module #5- 80 Facial Expressions
Module #6- Backtoons Animal Kingdom- 40 animals- 5 poses each- 200 png files
Module #7- Comic Style Lettering
Module #8- Free Developer License
Bonus #1 - PowerPoint Comic Tutorial
Bonus #2 - Backtoons Comic Pals- 10 CHARACTERS- 118 IMAGE FILES
Bonus #3 - PowerPoint Comic Template
Bonus #4 - 6 Comic Strip Swipes- 3 formats- jpg, pdf, PPT

UPSELL #1 ($29.97) INCLUDES:
8 Modules of Animated Animated Animal Kingdom Critters (600 files!)
7 ELITE modules of Making Faces Animal & People Version (195 files)
30 Animated Comic Action Words (90 files)
DEVELOPER LICENSE (Use for client work too!)
Bonus #1- an INCREDIBLE Instant Presenter Making Kit (hundreds of files)
Bonus #2- 19 modules of premium web graphics (HUNDREDS of files!)
Bonus #3- 10 Premium Bonus Backgrounds
Bonus #4- 25 Bonus Health and Fitness Animations
Bonus #5- 25 Bonus Home and Kitchen Animations

If you decide to skip the fist upsell there will be a downsell for just $19.97
with less files included.

UPSELL #2 ($59.97) INCLUDES:
High converting sales pages, jv page, sales videos, product download pages and sales materials plus the right to relabel, remix, and resell the product for profit, or offer as a bonus for a paid product.
There will be NO downsell for UPSELL #2.

You will also receive 4 unannounced bonus packs from the product creator. I have to keed them secret but can tell you that they ROCK! There are backgrounds, animated backgrounds, explainer videos and PowerPoint Intros/Outros. How many you want to know? MANY! You will be surprised by the amount AND quality!

Below I have listed all your amazing bonuses that you will receive from me when buying through my link. All products you will receive are handpicked and it took us several days a good chunk of money to put them all together. Now they can all be yours! In order to get them just make sure you buy through my link (green button) and send me your receipt to our support desk==>

These are just some the bonuses you will get.
More than 5GB and a few thousands worth!
All Download Links on a clean page
so you can pick them separately!

Or watch the Video(s) First Then Find All Bonuses Below.

All This and More Is Included When Buying from Me:


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  1. Reply
    hector 2017-05-23 at 3:45 pm

    How can i calim bonuses?

    • Reply
      Daniel 2017-05-23 at 4:27 pm

      Hi Hector. Please open a ticket here>>> to clain your bonus. Thank you!

  2. Reply
    hector 2017-05-23 at 3:53 pm

    Your purchase link is not working. Please advise

    • Reply
      Daniel 2017-05-23 at 4:30 pm

      Sorry! All fixed now!

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