Your MONEY SITE Is Down! Get Free Email Notifications – Instantly!

The other day I was chatting with Mr. X and while we were talking he said:

“I wish there would be something that notifies me in case of one of my domains going down… well, maybe one day when I have nothing to do, I will code a nice tool... ”

And I was wondering because this guy is a coder and I was thinking he knows everything. Well, turned out he did not know about

It’s a free website where you enter all your important domains. (You even can enter domains that are not yours!) If I remember right the free account allows you to enter up to 50 domains. Then their system checks if the domain is online every 5 minutes. In case your domain is off, you get an instant mail. Also if your domain comes back you will get informed. If you go for a paid account then the system checks every minute or so. And the best: They don’t send you any spam! So gogogo!

P.S. Inside the dashboard there are some nice graphs that show all data like up- and downtime.



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